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I am reading for the M.Phil in economics at Nuffield College, University of Oxford and will be beginning a PhD in economics at Columbia University in the fall. My interests are in the economics of development, climate change, inequality, and their intersections.

I grew up in Manila, the Philippines; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam before enrolling at NYU Stern for my bachelor’s degree. After graduation, I worked at Stanford on projects related to poverty mapping and climate econometrics.

I intend to use this space as a professional frontpage and to informally share assorted links and music I find interesting. I’d like to eventually add pages curating work and datasets in my subfields of interest.

Also, I’ve started making New York Times-style crosswords for my friends. Let me know if you solve them or get stuck!

  • Surprise Me! (.pdf)

  • Headline Acts (.pdf)

  • 1D-26D-35A-38A-50A-10D-12D (.pdf)

W. Matthew Davis
Nuffield College
Oxford OX1 1NF
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 7985 414132